How to open a company abroad

Opening a company abroad is not a difficult step to take if you want to expand your activities or you are looking for new markets to try different types of businesses. You don’t have to go in person in the country you choose for setting up a company because the procedure can be accomplished by local specialists in company formation or lawyers. Even if you don’t know personally an attorney or other specialist who may help you, the registration of a new company can be done in just a few days.

You may find on the internet specialists in company formation who will help you with useful information about the types of companies available in the country you choose to perform a business, the incorporation procedure, the necessary documents etc. You may open a company in Malta or in Estonia, for example, helped by local lawyers who can represent you in front of local authorities through a power of attorney.

The lawyers specialized in commercial and civil law offer a wide range of legal services for foreign entrepreneurs interested in doing business abroad. Besides company formation, they can offer you additional services: virtual office, shelf companies (companies already registered that can be used for economic activities), accounting services through an experienced team of accountants etc.

The local attorneys, who will help you form a company, can represent you then in any litigation that may appear in the country you choose for doing business. They will represent you in all the stages of a litigation, in front of any court of justice. If you need tax advice or planning, assistance for mergers and liquidations, special permits and licenses for certain economic activities, establishment of subsidiaries or branches abroad, you can count on local lawyers.

For opening a company in a European country, like Malta, UK or the Netherlands, you may also contact a specialist in company formation who will register the type of company you want in exchange of a fee that may start from a few hundred euros.

If you wish to invest in a country like Romania, the local lawyers will be able to provide you with qualified legal advice and consultancy. Furthermore they can also guide you towards trustworthy companies offering complementary services, such as accounting, real-estate, employment or even medical and dentistry assistance in Romania.